Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Recipe #2: Thai Curry Sauce by Karin

The second recipe is by Karin of "What to Cook Tonight?" Meetup Group. Thank you!


"I found something at Trader Joes which is amazing: it's a Thai curry sauce in a jar, and is totally like eating in a great Thai restaurant. Put it on rice with a little tofu or whatever and .... voila. ( With a rice cooker, it really is a matter of pouring in the rice, and before you eat it, adding a little sauce). And if you have a dishwasher, it's almost like doing no work at all, to make dinner!" (Karin)

Sounds really good and simple, too!smile You know, as you collect many simple-and-tried foolproof recipes like this, which is always guaranteed to work, you can have a peace of mind, I guess. Thank you, Karin, for sharing this.

I used to keep yellow curry paste in the fridge. When you have leftover cooked chicken, cut it up to bite size, add thinly sliced celery, Thai yellow curry paste and small amount of olive oil or sesame oil depending on your mood , and mix them together. By adding a little bit of oil, the paste gets smoother and easier to handle. (Sally)

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