Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Recipe Box ---- to post our own recipes!

Dear members of two of my cooking Meetup groups - "L.A. Cooking, Recipes, Dining (and French) Meetup group" and "What to Cook Tonight?" Meetup Group;

Hi, how are you doing?

I'm happy to announce that I just created a blog to feature our own recipes! I'll start posting recipes one by one. Hope you can utilize this virtual recipe box for us and post comments to have active conversation/discussion. If you want to link your own site to this blog, please let me know. And if you want to post your recipe, you can either post it as a comment or send it to me to

then I can post it here.

Please enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sally, the organizer


One of my goals through organizing these food groups are to create a space for food-loving people to meet and share the love and passion for food. We love to dine out and cook, and exchanging recipes is an important part of our activities. To achieve this goal, I have tried four different things so far.

1. Posted recipes on the Message Board.
2. Created a Newsletter.
3. Posted recipes on "About Us" section.
4. Posted recipes on event announcement pages.

However, none of them has brought the result I wanted to achieve yet, which is to actively exchange tips, info, recipes, ideas, opinions, and feedback. And it has been always only me initiating and posting recipes with not much feedback. Also by utilizing mailing list many members were annoyed by so many emails inundating their email inboxes I needed to disable the list.

So I thought of creating our own website, but I really didn't know how to do it. There are several people kindly offering help in creating the site, but they were always busy with their own work as well and I realized I should be knowledgeable about the site at least a little bit to get it started...

Then by accident I came across a Japanese blog site and gave it a try to create my own blog site. Before that I had been writing blog in Japanese for about two years but it's a members-only site like Facebook and only in Japanese, so it was almost impossible for my American friends to read it. Then after creating an open blog site and writing a few blogs in English/Japanese, I realized it's not too difficult to create a blog myself.

So instead of creating our own website, which would take so much time, effort, and probably cost, I thought I could start a blog featuring our recipes as it's a lot easier to create a blog than website. Then I did some research on which blog software I should use and I decided to use as many sources pointed out, and I just visited the site and started registering. And it was actually very easy to create a blog as promised and here I am writing the first blog to introduce our recipes to the members!

What I want to achieve by using blog format is to have active discussion. We can ask questions about recipes or cooking or food in general, or comment on the recipe or post another recipe, or related food topics.

I do hope you can come here to start writing your ideas or thought...

Thank you for reading, and I'm going to start with our first recipe.

I'll also use many photos and illustrations by my blogger friends in Japan. They are all amateur photographers and I'm able to get their permission easily for online use, so I don't have to worry about copyright dispute. I'll also use clip arts that can be used by anyone, but if you want me to use your images, please let me know as well. I try to pick up photos and images that best matches the particular recipe, and hope you'll like it.



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