Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Recipe #6: Stuffed Chicken Breast by Rebecca

When Rebecca contacted from Iowa (!) and joined the group, I was soo excited! Now we're talking about global cooking forum. Iowa or California, we all wonder what to cook tonight....! Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing this. They sounds tooo yummy! How old your children?

"I made some Fajiatas for my hubby and me steak, onions, red, yellow, and green peppers. With black beans and salad. As for the kiddos I still can't get them to eat peppers so they ate spaghetti again.. It just so happens I freeze left overs of spaghetti in individual servings too (just in case, they are super hard to please sometimes).

I can't wait until May when we have our farmers markets again so I can get real fresh veggies! MMMMM

What did you make? I'm super excited for tomorrow's dinner!

Stuffed Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon
served with whole wheat pesto pasta.
SUPER EASY and always a big hit with everyone in the house!
I tenderize and flatten out the chicken breasts then put a large scoop of cream cheese with onion (if it's a cream cheese flavor I don't add the onion) and then wrap it in one slice of bacon, cook till it's done about an hour at 350 and the pesto pasta.

Does anyone have a good garlic pesto recipe? I haven't really been fond of to many I've tried so I still buy the pesto sauce and just add it to the pasta!

Happy Eating and Happy cooking as long as a good bottle of wine is there!"

Dear Rebecca, I agree 100%..

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