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Mugdha's Aloo Gobi Recipe (1) Homemade Spice Mix

It's been a long time since I posted the last recipe....Over a year! It doesn't mean I haven't done anything... We've been quite busy with cooking and dining out meetups, and I also created a blog at a Japanese recipe site called "Coodpad." It's Japan's No.1 recipe site with more than 530,000 recipes submitted by readers. Just like, but in Japanese. Over the years, I have collected more than 1,800 recipes that I've tried and liked (and most of them have been approved by my family and friends). But they are written mostly in Japanese, and I have two grown sons who don't really read Japanese.

I wanted to hand down those recipes somehow, and decided to upload my recipes on the above site both in Japanese and English. Then my Japanese parents and friends can read in Japanese and my sons and my friends can learn in English as well. It takes so much time to post in both languages, but my page on the site got 14,000 hits so far since April, and it's really encouraging to see the numbers increase everyday!

Here's my page:

Although the titles of the recipes are in Japanese, if you click and scroll, you can see the English texts too. I have posted my recipes and the recipes my food group members and the past instructors of cooking meetups have given to me.

I've talked about this site to my members, but it still seems to be a little intimidating for my American members to see all the foreign Japanese characters, so I decided to resume posting the recipes here.

Yesterday I was writing an Indian vegetarian recipe. It was given by Mugdha, my food group member from India and who taught us how to cook Indian Vegetarian food last year.

June 27, 2008. Wow, a little more than a year has passed already!

Actually this Aloo Gobi is a little complicated using homemade spice mix and garlic-ginger paste, so I posted in three different recipes, and here's the first one talking about garam masala type homemade spice mix!

Mugdha's Homemade Spice Mix

コリアンダー(ホール。coriander seeds)
小匙1 (1 teaspoon)
クミン (ホール。cumin seeds)
小匙1 (1 teaspoon)
フェンネル (ホール。fennel seeds)
小匙1 (1 teaspoon)
カルダモン (cardamon)
大1個(小さいものなら2個 1 big/2 small pods)
シナモン・スティック (cinnamon stick)
クローブ (cloves)
けしの実 (poppy seeds)
小匙1 (1 teaspoon)
胡椒の実 (peppercorns)
乾燥ココナッツ (dry shredded coconut)
小匙5-6 (5-6 teaspoons)
乾燥赤唐辛子 (dry red chilies)


全部の材料を(フライパンに入れ) Fry all the ingredients on medium heat for


中火で熱する。冷めたら、ミキサーに入れ about 5 minutes. Once they are cool,


粉砕する (コーヒー豆挽き器でよい)。 blend it in the coffee grinder.


I didn't know you put shredded coconut too.

OK, could you tell me if you like to see the English text only?


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